OASIS Program

Oasis Program

OASIS is a one- to two-year program for adults (ages 18 and older) with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to earn proficiency-based certificates in a college setting. This unique, non-credit program gives students the opportunity to learn academic and vocational skills alongside traditional students pursuing similar vocational interests. Students are also provided the opportunity to learn important social and “soft” skills that are pivotal for employment.

The OASIS Program was originally the result of collaboration between Mercyhurst University and Erie Homes for Children and Adults. Now with the assistance of a DREAM Partnership, OASIS is able to expand its certificate options and tools for success.

OASIS students spend time each week at the beautiful Mercyhurst North East campus attending college classes. During class time, OASIS students are accompanied by program staff. In class, students will learn basic skills that are applicable to their vocational path. 



Certificates of Concentration



Students involved in the Culinary concentration will learn skills related to working in a kitchen environment. The ability to follow a receipt, locate and use items and tools in the kitchen, and food preparation will all be addressed.



The Hospitality concentration educates students on the front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations in different types of hospitality industries, including hotels, restaurants and event planning.



Students in this program learn what is needed to work in a business or office environment. Students will take classes that will teach them skills related too management, marketing and computer use.

Early Childhood


Students will develop an understanding of developmentally appropriate practices with young children, and will participate in numerous clinical experiences in a variety of settings.

Two Year Certificate


The first year of the two-year option is set up as a Liberal Arts curriculum. This allows time for students to participate in hands-on job experiences throughout the community and build their academic skills.

Meet the Staff
Katie Huba, M.S., BCBA
Director of the Oasis Program
Jonathan Frye
Programs Traditions Counselor