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A Nurse’s Story: Testing the waters

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - 3:00pm

By Trung Kitchener 

(Graduates spring 2018 from the ASN program/concurrently enrolled in the RN-BSN program) 

Although, I am not a registered nurse yet, I still receive satisfaction from studying the profession.  It wasn’t until I became a nurse’s assistant that I knew I chose the right career path for me.  

I was bouncing between majors when I finally decided to major in nursing. I had two semesters under my belt but I was still hesitant about the choice I made. I received some advice from one of my instructors to seek a position as a nurse’s aide to help familiarize myself in a hospital setting, which is what I did.

The nurses on my floor were very receptive and willing to teach, answer my questions and satisfy my curiosities. I realized working in the hospital for the first time would have a learning curve, but I am extremely glad that I decided to pursue the job. It was beneficial for me during nursing school, especially regarding the clinical requirements. I would recommend any nursing student to follow the same advice that I received because it helps tremendously.  

Whether it be working in the hospital as a nurse’s aide or student nurse, receiving the gratification and appreciation of patients is extremely fulfilling, and helps get you through busy and burdening days. Watching patients’ health improve and knowing that you were a part of that process gives you great satisfaction. I am finally convinced that I chose a career path that will give me satisfaction indefinitely.