Act 235 Training

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires that any person wishing to become a certified security officer, or who is privately employed and is required as a condition of employment to carry a lethal weapon, must participate in a 40 hour Lethal Weapons Training Program. Pennsylvania also requires that every five years, individuals who have been certified, must attend an eight hour recertification (renewal) program. The Mercyhurst University Police Academy offers these classes periodically each year with sessions held at the Academy’s HQ in North East, Pa. The price for the 40 hour course is $350.00 and renewal is $125.00. 

Act 235 Information

The application process has several important steps.  It begins by applying to the Commonwealth.  Please click here.

To apply for either the basic forty (40) hour course or the eight (8) hour renewal course, please fill out the Mercyhurst University form attached to this website and listed below as:  Attached application. Please note that YOU DO NOT have to pay in advance for this course but bring a check or money order, payable to Mercyhurst University, to the first class. Finally, after receiving approval from the Pennsylvania State Police to attend one of our courses, they will send you a letter to this affect. This letter, or a copy, MUST be brought to the first class or you cannot be admitted.

When does the next class begin?

  • Academics & Skills: Programs are set on an as needed basis.  Call for dates. Sessions begin at 7AM and end at 8PM. Location: The Mercyhurst University Municipal Police Training Academy, North East, Pa. See directions below: this class is NOT on the Erie or North East proper campus.
  • Firearms: Programs are set on an as needed basis.  Call for dates. Sessions begin at 8:30 AM and conclude at 3:30PM. Location is the Keystone Gun Club, 902 East 28th Street, Erie, Pa. Students need a serviceable duty sidearm, revolver or semi-automatic, a holster and sturdy belt, magazine holder, ball cap, ear and eye protection (safety glasses), and 130 rounds of factory ammunition. Shotguns and rounds will be provided.
  • Cost: $350 payable to: Mercyhurst University.  $150 is due before attending. The balance MUST be paid by the final day of training. Please make checks out to Mercyhurst University.  Checks can be sent to: Bill Hale, Director, Mercyhurst Municipal Police Training Academy, 16 West Division St., Erie, Pa., 16428. DO NOT send a check until the state has authorized your attendance. Log on at:
  • Who can I contact for questions about the Mercyhurst Act 235 training?    Bill Hale, director of the Mercyhurst University Municipal Police Training Academy, at:, or: 814-725-6230.

Attached application here.


Step 1:  Complete an online (Basic Applicant) application using the TACS System.  Log in as a First-Time User on the left side of the screen.  If the system recognizes your information, you may be instructed to select the other option to log in with your existing profile, also on the left side of the screen.  Once you are in the system select the Home Act 235 button and select the Basic Training Application.  Scroll down to select “Start Application”.  Complete all required information on each screen and submit when you have finished.  This will require a credit card payment of $50.00. 

Step 2:  When you submit your application you will receive an automated email from Identigo/Morphotrust with instructions for scheduling your fingerprint session.  You must be fingerprinted at one of the approved Identigo/Morphotrust locations.  You will not receive the results of your fingerprints, these will be forwarded directly to the Lethal Weapons Certification Unit for review.

Step 3:  When you submit your application you will also receive a confirmation email from the Lethal Weapons Certification Unit with instructions to download and print the physical and psychological examination forms. You must undergo a physical and psychological examination at your own expense. The physicians must be PA licensed and the physicians must submit completed and signed forms to the Lethal Weapons Certification Unit.

WAIVERS: Individuals who have completed comparable law enforcement training within the past five years may be waived of the academic training requirement.  Individuals who have successfully qualified on a law enforcement firearms course within the past 12 months may be waived of the firearms training requirement.  To request waiver consideration, please submit supporting documents to the Lethal Weapons Certification Unit at or at the address listed below.

Physical Form

Pscyhological Form

Step 4: It is the applicant's responsibility to schedule the training after receiving the approval letter from the State Police. After you receive approval, contact the Mercyhurst University Municipal Police Training Academy at 814-725-6230 to schedule training. Once you have scheduled, fill out the appropriate registration form for that class and mail it to:   

Mercyhurst Municipal Police Training Academy

Act 235

16 West Division Street

North East, PA 16428



  • Go to I-90 and travel east to the first North East exit and get off there;
  • at the end of the exit ramp take a right on to Route 89 and proceed north about 100 yards;
  • turn right into the parking lot of the 2nd building (a large, two story brick structure, the Janet Miller Building-look for the Police Academy sign);
  • park anywhere in the front lot and look for the door leading into the building;
  • come up the elevator to the second floor and you are here-