Act 180 Training

police cadets


This 12-hour program is exclusively for sworn law enforcement officers on active duty. Training is offered annually and covers changes in criminal and vehicle law and other elective courses provided by the Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission (M.P.O.E.T.C.). All active-duty police officers must complete this training each year to maintain their certification. The 2018 topics include:

  • 18-001 Legal Updates (required course) Three-hour course $15

A three-hour course to discuss significant pieces of legislation passed after July 1, 2016, that affects police operations and investigations, specifically changes and updates to the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Vehicle Code, and Rules of Criminal Procedure. The training program also addresses pertinent court decisions from the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Superior and Supreme Courts, and the United States Supreme Court and other federal courts, and explains legal issues directly impacting police procedures and the case preparation process.

  • 18-002 Procedural Justice Tactics and De-escalation Techniques (optional) Three-hour course $15

A three-hour course to build on the core concepts of procedural justice and police legitimacy taught in 2017 Procedural Justice (PJ) and to teach officers specific tactics and de-escalation techniques that support these concepts. Much of the material is drawn from existing courses such as Philadelphia's De-escalation Techniques and Pittsburgh's Procedural Justice Tactical Legitimacy. Although optional, the course builds on the material taught to all officers in 2017 and provides more specific guidance and recommendations to officers facing a multitude of challenging situations. The end goal, as with 2017 PJ, is to teach officers how to build respectful and effective relationships with the community while improving officer safety.

  • 18-003 Assessing and Planning for Active Assaults (optional) Three-hour course $15

A three-hour course intended to develop police officers’ ability to assist various community entities wishing to prepare for, prevent, and respond to active assaults. The intent of this training is not to replace other law enforcement active assault training, but rather to bridge the gap between knowing how to respond as an officer and knowing how to assist in the development of active assault response plans in schools, businesses, etc. throughout the community. Training prepares officers to understand and conduct assessments, articulate the various first-responder roles, and assist in the development of appropriate prevention and response plans.

  • 18-004 Officer Safety - Detecting and Avoiding Ambush Situations (optional) Three-hour course $15

A three-hour course to address officer safety issues related to ambushes. Appropriate tactics, techniques and procedures are discussed related to the full spectrum of officer interaction with the public. Specific focus is placed on identifying and detecting indicators of planned ambushes as well as identifying situations that lend themselves to spontaneous ambushes. Emphasis on the role of officer complacency during routine activities, as well as discussions of effective responses during ambush situations, round out the course.


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