Act 180 Training

police cadets


This 12-hour program is exclusively for sworn law enforcement officers on active duty. Training is offered annually and covers changes in criminal and vehicle law and other elective courses provided by the Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission (M.P.O.E.T.C.). All active-duty police officers must complete this training each year to maintain their certification. The 2020 topics include:

20-001 Legal Updates (Required course – 3 hours)

This three-hour course will discuss significant pieces of legislation passed after Oct 1, 2018 that affect police operations and investigations, specifically changes and updates to the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Vehicle Code, and Rules of Criminal Procedure.  The training program also addresses pertinent court decisions from the Pennsylvania Commonwealth, Superior and Supreme Courts, and the United States Supreme Court and other federal courts and explains legal issues directly impacting police procedures and the case preparation process. 

20-002 Officer Safety: Explosive Devices (Elective course – 3 hours)

This three-hour elective course will discuss the current trends in improvised explosives safety, including recognition of key components, response, and post blast investigations.  Officer safety and investigative sufficiency will be overriding themes.

20-003 Operational Planning and Crowd Management (Elective course – 3 hours)

This three-hour elective course will address the logistics of preparing for planned and unplanned events by learning how to develop an Operational Plan. Officers will review crowd management response tactics and will be introduced to protective detail principles during an event. The course will conclude with how to conduct an After-Action Review and its importance regarding lessons learned and actions to take for future events.

20-004 Personal Leadership (Elective course – 3 hours)

This three-hour elective course will develop personal leadership skills by focusing on an understanding of self through mindfulness, discussing the traits of effective leaders, and exploring the continuing development aspect of leadership.  The course will spend time discussing the specific skills of time management, critical decision making, and self-care.  Authenticity and legitimacy as a leader will be a theme throughout the course.   This course is intended to provide useful and immediately applicable knowledge and skills.