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MNE students donate LEGO computer to Blasco Library

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 2:45pm

Students in Professor Stephen Kanicki’s computer operations class at Mercyhurst North East spent much of the semester playing with LEGOs.

As part of a class project, Kanicki challenged the class to build a working computer using a case fabricated from the quintessential bricks. (All of the other components, such as the motherboard, CPU, hard drive, power supply and CD ROM drive, could be purchased.) A smaller vehicle also made by students out of LEGOs houses a raspberry pi, a credit-card sized computer, perfect for playing video games.

The goal was to teach computer hardware and repair in a fun, interactive way, said Kanicki, whose students in years past have completed the challenge by building computers in a VCR, guitar, fish tank and trash can.

“I want students to push beyond the boundaries of what is possible and impossible,” he said.

And that doesn’t just mean MNE students. The completed project will be donated to the Blasco Library to inspire others to be creative thinkers and builders.

This Thursday at noon, a group of MNE will students present the completed project to the Blasco Library.

At least half of those who worked on the LEGO computer were post-traditional students attending MNE through the TAA program after being laid off from GE. Some will participate in the event at Blasco with their own children.