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Business Administration Associate Degree

Gain the edge needed to advance in the ever-growing world of business in the small, comfortable environment of Mercyhurst University - The Corry Campus. Mercyhurst's Business Administration associate degree program will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to secure an entry-level position in fields like administration, marketing, manufacturing and sales.

Possible careers include:

  • Sales associates
  • Accounting assistants, bookkeepers
  • Human resources assistants
  • Customer service specialists
  • Bank clerks
  • Administrative assistants
  • Office managers


Academic Plan

This sheet is a suggested path for completing an associate degree in Business Administration in two years. There are a few slots for electives that may be filled with transfer classes from other institutions. Mercyhurst reserves the right to change the curriculum and order of classes offered. Generally, each class meets only one day a week, from 5:30PM to 9:20PM. Financial aid is available.

Fall Term

 Engl 101  College Writing I 
 Acct 101 Principles of Accounting I
 Mis 101 Computer Applications (Does not satisfy bachelors degree requirement)
 Rlst  100+ One Hundred Level Religious Studies Class

Winter Term

 Engl   102 College Writing II 
 Math  100+  One hundred level Math (Note: Business Math does not satisfy Mercyhurst bachelors degree    requirements)
 Acct  102  Principles of Accounting II

Spring Term

 Hist   100+  One hundred level U.S. History
 Mis  110  Advanced Computer Applications
 Econ  105  Macroeconomics

Fall Term

 Mgmt   120  Principles of Management
 Acct  140  Computer Applications in Accounting (Does not satisfy bachelor's degree requirement)
 Comm  180  Business/Professional Communication
 Mktg  162  Principles of Integrated Marketing

Winter Term

Econ   106  Microeconomics
 Mgmt  206  Human Resource Management
 Elec  100+  Liberal Studies/Common Core/Distribution Core

 Spring Term

 Badm  275   Principles of Operations Management
 Mgmt  226  Human Behavior in Organizations
 Elec  100+  Preferably Business Elective


Course Descriptions

Acct 101 Principles of Accounting I
Fundamental process of recording, classifying and summarizing business transactions for services and merchandising enterprises. Coverage includes receivables and payables, inventory, plant assets, and preparation of financial statements.
3 credits.

Acct 102 Principles of Accounting II
A continuation of Principles of Accounting I in which plant assets, intangibles, current and long-term liabilities, partnerships and corporations are examined.
Prerequisite: Acct 101.
3 credits.

Acct 140 Computer Applications in Accounting
This applications course is designed to familiarize the student with the operation of an accounting system utilizing the microcomputer. Through the use of the computer, the student learns to use an accounting program that journals, posts, and prepares financial statements. Emphasis is placed on the analysis and interpretation of the financial statement.
Prerequisite: Acct 101 and Mis 101.
3 credits.

Econ 105 Macroeconomics
A study of mixed capitalism in aggregate form designed to provide the student with knowledge of the American economic system. Topics include the causes of recession, unemployment, inflation, and the uses of fiscal and monetary policies.
3 credits.

Econ 106 Microeconomics
A course emphasizing the economic activities of individual consumers and producers. Topic coverage includes demand-supply analysis, the costs of production, and price and output determination by the market structure.
3 credits.

Math 100 Business Mathematics
An introduction to the mathematics used in business applications. Topics include: review of the number systems, decimals, fractions, percents, interest, pricing, annuities, depreciation, inventory control, investments, insurance, and statistics.
Does not satisfy bachelor degree math requirement.
3 credits.

Mgmt 120 Principles of Management
An introduction designed to provide basic understanding of the principles, concepts, and functions of management planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, with emphasis on managing and of being managed.
3 credits.

Mgmt 306 Human Resource Management
An examination of the basic personnel processes included in the procurement, development, and maintenance of human resources. Emphasis is placed on managerial and legal requirements.
3 credits.

Mgmt 326 Human Behavior in Organizations
A study of the individual as a functioning member of groups and organizations. Topics include motivation, group dynamics, communication, leadership, conflict, and change.
Prerequisite: Mgmt 120.
3 credits.

Mis 101 Computer Applications
This introductory computer course provides students with a working knowledge of computer terminology, and the computer itself. Topics also include Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access and Power-Point and their applications in business.
Materials fee. Offered every term for those with no/little previous computer experience or only Word experience.
3 credits.

Mis 105 Microcomputer Operations
This course introduces the basics of computer architecture and how software enables it to function. Students will gain knowledge and skill in configuring computer hardware components, including drives, motherboards, memory, network/communications interfaces, printers and other peripherals. Students will install and evaluate software. Students will use software utilities to do diagnostics, perform backups, and utilities for security and virus detection.
Prerequisite: Mis 201 as a co-requisite or permission by of department.
3 credits.

Mis 201 Advanced Computer Applications
This course focuses on the use of spreadsheets and databases to manage information. Topics studied include systems analysis, basic database design, and applications development using Microsoft Excel and Access.
Prerequisite: MIS 101 or Word and Excel basics. Computer System Support fee applies.
3 credits.

Mktg 162 Principles of Marketing
A broad study of the field of marketing from a managerial perspective. Emphasis is on demand analysis, need satisfaction, strategic planning, product development, distribution channels, promotions, and price determination.
3 credits.


High School Credits

Seniors at Corry Area High School can earn college credit by taking evening courses at Mercyhurst Corry.
  • All credits will transfer to virtually any college or university, including the Mercyhurst College Erie campus.
  • Courses taken at Mercyhurst Corry can be substituted for senior year electives.
  • High school students get a special reduced rate, so courses are only $300 each--hundreds of dollars less than what you would pay per course when enrolled in college full-time.

Contact your high school guidance office for more information.