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Student Handbook

As a member of the Mercyhurst North East family, students have both rights and responsibilities.
This Student Handbook & Code of Conduct will help to clarify many of them. Take the opportunity to read it carefully.

The best thing about being a member of a college community is taking part in all of the different educational arenas. Valuable lifelong learning can and does take place outside the classroom walls. This is now your campus. We encourage you to become involved in Student Government, the Student Activities Committee, the clubs, athletics, etc. From teamwork to problem solving, from planning to attending, your experience and enjoyment depends on your involvement. Your time here is what you make of it. Get involved and make a difference. We challenge you to make Mercyhurst North East a better place.

Stay on top on your studies, ask for help when you need it and above all, treat others the way you would like to be treated. In a short period of time, others will form their opinions of you based on what you do and how you treat them. You have the opportunity to create your own image. Do it wisely.

Good luck and enjoy your stay. Make Mercyhurst North East your temporary home. We all hope to have the opportunity to shake your hand on graduation day!