Associate of Science in Biology

Study the science of life.

In North East’s Biology degree program, we place great emphasis on experiential learning and encourage every student to pursue hands-on field and laboratory experiences, opportunities to participate in faculty-student collaborative research, travel courses, professional conferences, community service, and professional practicum training. Our small community allows for personal attention and close interaction between faculty and student to provide each major with a solid core of learning and preparation within biology as well as mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

-After completion of the program, students will be equipped to pursue job opportunities as technicians and research associates in private and government agencies.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

-The Biology Associate program is ideal for those interested in completing a 2-year degree that wish to work while attaining their Baccalaureate degree.

Experiences & Outcomes

Employment Opportunities

Students in the 2+2 biology program can earn their Associate degree after two years and have the opportunity to work as a technician or laboratory assistant during their last two years of study.

High-End Facilities

Our majors get to work in top of the line facilities and laboratories that ensure they will learn the most hands-on skills necessary for their desired career field.

Transfer to Erie

With the business administration program, students have the option to seamlessly transfer to the Erie campus and complete an additional two years of study to receive a bachelor’s degree.

Audrey Forbes-Cardinali
Kari Dundore Shrout
Biology Department Director
Kelly Lucore
Tim Johnson