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International Students

The ability to effectively learn and communicate in the global community have never been more important. Over the last few years, Mercyhurst North East has been home to students from nearly 10 different countries, choosing to study in the United States in academic programs ranging from business to culinary arts; physical therapist assistant to nursing.

The academic support and small campus environment available at Mercyhurst North East make it an ideal university location for international students looking to begin their studies in the United States before transferring to larger colleges or universities. As a fully-accredited college, our credits will transfer to most any other university you may be interested in.

International Admissions Process

The following steps are for applying to, committing to and attending Mercyhurst North East as an international student beginning in either of our two semesters (fall and spring). Contact Adam Grady, Director of Admissions, at agrady@mercyhurst.eduwith any questions you may have.

Step 1- Apply online at

Step 2- Submit official high school & college (if applicable) transcripts. If your records are written in a language other than English, translation of the documents into English and a statement attesting to the accuracy of the translations must be submitted (notarized). Though unofficial or faxed copies may be used to make a preliminary admissions decision, the officials must be received by the College before you may begin classes.

Transcripts may be mailed to:

Mercyhurst North East
16 West Division St.
North East, PA 16428

Step 3- Submit and SAT and/or ACT scores for tests you may have completed. If you have not taken the SAT or ACT, you may be asked to take the Mercyhurst North East placement test at some point before classes begin.

Step 4- If English is not your native language, your scores on the "Test of English as a Foreign Language" (TOEFL) must be submitted. Applicants for admission must present a score of no less than 550 on the paper-based test, 213 on the computer-based test, and 79-80 on the Internet-based test.

Upon completion of these first 4 Steps, and admissions decision will be made. If accepted, a financial award will be made, and cost of attendance will be estimated. Once a cost of attendance is estimated, the following steps are required for issuing you an I-20 (document needed for the F-1 visa).

Step 5- Download and complete a Certification of Finances Form found here. For an example, click here. Amounts certified should be greater than or equal to your cost of attendance, and need to be filled in for two years regardless of how long you think you may be at Mercyhurst North East. For an example, look here .

Step 6- Request a Bank Affidavit on official letterhead from your banking institution (a notarized document verifying US dollar amounts available). This is required by the U. S. government, and will be attached to your final immigration documents. The amount verified by the bank should be greater than or equal to the cost of attendance. NOTE: This amount does not need to be cash on hand, but rather available funds (savings, sporsorship or loans available).

Step 7- Send a copy of the Certification of Finances, Bank Affidavit and a copy of your passport's photo page to the Mercyhurst North East address above, Attention Travis Lindahl. You may also fax these documents to (814) 725-6251.

Step 8- Send in a $100 confirmation deposit to reserve your spot in the class (this may be included in the packet in Step 7). Checks should be made payable to Mercyhurst University.

Step 9- Complete a student housing contract. This may be sent to the address above or faxed to (814) 725-6251. For convenience sake, this form may also be included with the packet in Step 7.


Forms and Documents

The following forms and documents are available for download. Upon completion, you may fax them to Mercyhurst North East Admissions, Attn: Travis Lindahl at (814) 725-6251. SAVE ALL OFFICIAL COPIES, AS YOU MAY NEED THEM TO ENTER AND EXIT THE UNITED STATES!

Application for Admission - Apply online to save time and money.

Certification of Finances - Required to secure an I-20. Must know cost of attendance to complete.

Certification of Finances - EXAMPLE - View an example of a correctly filled out certification of finances for someone who will be paying $16,000 to go to Mercyhurst North East.

Bank Affidavit- EXAMPLE - Download this example to show your bank the type of statement we are looking for.

Immunization Record - To be completed with the Pre-Admission Health Record.

Student-Athlete Code of Conduct - Any student playing a sport at MNE should review the Code of Conduct for the rules and regulations set forth for our student-athletes.


Any questions in regards to the above forms may be directed to:

Primary Contact

Adam Grady
Director of admissions
Location: Neumann
Phone: (814) 725-6217
Toll Free Phone: (866) 846-6042
Fax: (814) 725-6251

Secondary Contacts

Eric Evans
Director of international admissions
Location: Erie Campus, International Student Center
Phone: (814) 824-2478
Toll Free Phone: (800) 825-1926, ext. 2478
Fax: (814) 824-3260
U.S. Country Code: 001

Adiba Shahjahan
Assistant Director, Int'l Admissions
Location: Erie Campus, International Student Center
Phone: (814) 824-3056
Toll Free Phone: (800) 825-1926 x3056
Fax: (814) 824-2071
U.S. Country Code: 001