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Hospitality Management

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Ever wanted to run your own restaurant or travel the country as a hotel manager? Looking for a way to get into the growing tourism industry in Erie and other parts of the world? A hospitality management associate degree from Mercyhurst North East may be your passport to a sunny future in this revived industry.

The hospitality management program is designed to prepare students to enter or advance in the field of hospitality management. In this program, students are expected to complete a core of hospitality management courses and select a concentration in either management or culinary arts. In addition, students are given hands-on classroom experience and numerous other opportunities to practice their hospitality skills in appropriate environments.


What can I do with this degree?

A degree in hospitality management from Mercyhurst North East can help prepare you for an exciting career in the hospitality industry, in managerial positions at a variety of different settings, including:

  • Hotels, resorts and spas
  • Restaurants
  • Casinos
  • Hospitals
  • Assisted living communities
  • Airlines
  • Cruise lines
  • Country clubs
  • Social clubs
  • Consulting firms
  • Colleges and universities
  • Theme park
  • Banquet facilities 

This associate degree program is designed to offer a smooth transition into a bachelor’s degree at Mercyhurst’s Erie campus. Credits should also transfer to other four-year institutions. Visit our Internal Transfer webpage to learn more about pursuing your bachelor’s degree at Mercyhurst's Erie Campus and potentially qualifying for $18,000 in transfer scholarships!

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Admission Requirements

Students are admitted to the Mercyhurst North East hospitality management program based on our standard admissions requirements, which include a high school diploma, a minimum GPA of 1.75, and either an ACT, SAT or MNE Placement Test score. Official, final transcripts are required prior to the start of classes.

Transferring in from another college? Transfers are welcome in this program, assuming we get a final, official college transcript from each college you have attended. If you still owe another college money, and cannot get a transcript, you will not be permitted to start classes. Check out our credit transfer policies to get an idea of what credits may transfer in.

If you should have any questions regarding your admission into the program, please contact this program's admissions counselor, Kathy Hill, for more information by calling (814) 725-6197 or emailing her at



One of the most difficult parts of the college planning process is formulating your direct costs. The admissions and student financial services staff at Mercyhurst North East does everything they can to make it clear what your college education is going to cost, and how you might be able to afford it.

Please refer to the cost summary page for more information.

Finally, please understand that there are a number of financial aid options that can be used to offset your college costs, including federal, state and MNE scholarships, grants and loans. Do not give up on your college dream based on a school's "sticker price." A counselor would be happy to help explain what resources are available to you at MNE. Contact the admissions office to set up an appointment.

A degree from Mercyhurst North East prepares you for this exciting and dynamic career.

Culinary Arts Concentration
Facilities And Property Mgmt.
HM - OASIS Program certificate

Ready to begin your journey in hospitality management?  Apply online today -- it's free and getting your application started takes only a few brief minutes.  Interested students may also consult the course catalog for more information. 

The Hospitality Management Department fosters and promotes the spirit of hospitality consistent with the Mercyhurst mission of service to others and community. In keeping with the founding vision of Mercyhurst, hospitality students are prepared for industry leadership through a balance of liberal studies, business, and hospitality industry specific coursework. This balanced approach to higher education nurtures scholarship, creativity, and responsible stewardship for the global hospitality community. Hospitality Industry coursework and world class internships, supported by the Walker School of Business core, business curriculum, provides the student with a strong foundation in accounting, finance and management skills while building leadership, critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills required for success at the national and international levels.

  • Demonstrate acquisition of skill related to technical systems used in hospitality outlets. (technology)
  • Apply basic marketing concepts to industry promotion in all areas of concentrations. (marketing)
  • Accurately complete and understand financial data related to areas of hospitality management curriculum. (finance)
  • Apply knowledge of critical thinking to functional areas of hospitality business to identify, analyze and solve business problems. (problem solving)
  • Demonstrate learned standards of professionalism while applying basic principles and theories of management independently and when working with others. (leadership)
  • Apply classroom theory to experiential settings when in the lab setting and through cooperative learning experiences. (experiential learning

Culinary Arts Kitchen

Students in Mercyhurst North East’s culinary program gain hands-on learning experience in the college’s full-service culinary kitchen. The Main Kitchen has a large mirrored demonstration table for demonstrations, a hot foods line, which includes a convection oven, fryers, grill, charbroiler, eight-burner stovetop, auxiliary oven, and a salamander. No it’s not a lizard, but a small broiler for browning and finishing off plated meals.
The kitchen’s bake shop includes wooden work tables, convection and standard ovens, large commercial mixers, food processors, and of course, small wares like cake, pie and tart pans and all the essential baking tools.
The auxiliary kitchen is equipped for making stocks and soups, as well as grilling, roasting and smoking meats and seafood.
All three kitchens have a service cooler, and the main storage area has dry storage, as well as a walk-in cooler and freezer, and there’s even a wine cooler for the student-made wine.


Stone Chapel Dining Room

The Stone Chapel Dining Room was originally the chapel for the nuns of St. Mary’s Seminary. Today, the dining room is used for dinners and luncheons hosted by the Mercyhurst North East Culinary and Wine Institute, as well as for special college events. The dining room seats 28, and is serviced by the adjacent fully-equipped service kitchen. The room’s stained glass windows feature the images of St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist and the Bishop and Philosopher Augustus of Hippo. The small but elegant altar is still intact and provides seating for two. The ceiling still has the original molded plaster stalactites, and lighting is provided by two elegant chandeliers.