Graduation Awards & Honors

Graduation Awards

Individual Program Awards
These awards are presented to a student in each of the two-year associate degree programs at MNE. Selections are based on overall achievement, judged on scholarship, and for the potential they demonstrate as future leaders of their professions.

The Letoinne Barnett Memorial Award
The Letoinne Barnett Memorial Award is given to a graduate of the Booker T. Washington campus who most exemplifies the “Carpe Diem Spirit” exhibited by Letoinne. He worked diligently to make a difference in his life and the lives of others through the educational opportunities at the Booker T. Washington Campus. The recipient of this award has attained a minimum 3.0 GPA while balancing the many needs of family, school, and work. In addition, the recipient possesses a strong sense of self, family, and community.

Robert S. Miller Award
This award is the highest award presented by Mercyhurst North East to an adult student. It is given in recognition of the dedication, perseverance, and sacrifice necessary to achieve outstanding academic performance while managing responsibilities to family, work, and the community. The recipient exemplifies to traditional-aged students that learning is a lifelong process. This award is named for Robert S. Miller, friend and supporter of Mercyhurst North East.

Redemptorist Fathers Award
This award is given to the graduate who has given unselfishly of his/her time, energy, talent, and loyalty to Mercyhurst North East. The recipient of this award, involved in numerous activities of the college, has shown that he/she possesses a high degree of leadership skills.

The Sister Catherine McAuley Award
This award is the highest academic honor given by the University. It is presented in recognition of an associate degree candidate who has attained the highest Grade Point Average in the graduating class. All courses must be taken at Mercyhurst University or MNE.

Medal of Honor
This prestigious honor is the highest award presented by Mercyhurst North East to the graduating student who has had the most positive impact on the life of our campus community. The recipient of this award has exhibited outstanding scholarship achievement, personal integrity, and leadership skills.


Graduation Honors

Graduation honors are given to students whose exceptional academic, service and leadership performances are deemed worthy of recognition.

Blue & Green Honor Cords
The cords are presented to students who have a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3/7 or higher.  These students are presented these cords before graduation and are announced at the ceremony as “graduation with distinction”.