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Booker T. Washington Center

booker t. washington center


Explore the educational, physical wellness and emotional wellness services available to youths, adults and seniors at the Booker T. Washington Center, as well as college education opportunities available on site through Mercyhurst University.

 For more information, contact Steve Gregg, director of programming, at or 470-333-2892. 

Mercyhurst University at the Booker T. Washington Center makes starting a college education or obtaining a degree affordable and accessible to members of the Erie community who may not have thought attending college was possible.

With a range of associate degree and certificate programs that can be completed on site, at Mercyhurst’s Booker T. Washington Center campus it’s easy to get the education you need to advance your career plans or get started on a four-year degree.

A discounted tuition rate is offered and financial aid is available to those who qualify.

For more information, contact Steve Gregg at (814) 824-3696 or

Mercyhurst for Me at the Booker T

Whether you are a traditional high school student, a dislocated worker, or an adult looking for a career change, Mercyhurst University at the Booker T. Washington Center provides the starting point so you can meet your goal of a college degree.

Get a quality education close to home

  • A Mercyhurst education is well-recognized by community leaders, area employers, and experts from a wide variety of disciplines.
  • Mercyhurst is consistently selected by U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review for distinguished honors.

Save money

  • Tuition at Mercyhurst University at the Booker T. Washington Center is 40 percent less than at the Erie campus, and students aren’t required to pay as much in fees as at other colleges.
  • With gas prices on the rise, you’ll save a lot by studying close to home.
  • Students are eligible for federal, state and Mercyhurst financial aid.
  • Graduates of Mercyhurst University at the Booker T. Washington Center wishing to continue at the any of Mercyhurst University’s campuses can qualify for Mercyhurst grants.

Save time

  • Earn an associate degree or certificate or your first year’s worth of credits to apply toward a two-year or four-year degree. Credits earned at Mercyhurst University at the Booker T. Washington Center will transfer to virtually any two- or four-year college or university, including the Mercyhurst University campuses.
  • Attending Mercyhurst University at the Booker T. Washington Center will save valuable commuting time, and the evening classes will allow you to meet the demands of a job or family.
  • Ready to take the next step? Apply today!


  • By offering classes at the Booker T. Washington Center, 1720 Holland Street, students living in downtown Erie will be closer to classes—overcoming the transportation hassle.
  • Additionally, students have access to all the in-house services already provided at BTW Center including afterschool care.
  • Additionally, students will have access to the academic resources and support of the Erie campus.


Mercyhurst University has seven opportunities for you at the Booker T Washington Center.  Create your own path to success.  Full federal, state, and institutional aid is available to those who qualify.  Complete an Associate’s degree and earn as much as $13,000/year off your Bachelor’s Degree.  Convenient times and location.  On site student services designed to ensure student success.

  • Associate Degree in Business Management:  Provides students with general training in the basic principles and techniques that are needed to secure a position in the business sector.
  • Associate Degree in Criminal Justice:  Provides valuable learning opportunities in criminology, criminal investigations, police functions and human relations for those students looking to pursue a career in criminal justice.
  • Associate Degree in Liberal Arts:  A great starting point to get your common core classes before choosing a specialization in a four year degree.
  • Early Childhood Education Program:  Specialized certificate designed to give an introduction to the Early Childhood Degrees.  You would begin your journey with four classes at the BTW Center before you transfer to either Mercyhurst North East or Erie Campus.
  • Medical Assistant Certificate:  Nine month credit based program designed to find a job in a physician or specialist offices.  Pennsylvania ranks fourth in the nation for highest need for Medical Assistants.
  • Retail Management Certificate:  Nine month credit based program designed to give you a distinct advantage for retail or customer service jobs.  All the classes will count towards your next degree if you choose to continue.
  • Begin or Renew your Educational Journey:  We want to be part of the process.  Whether you take one class or an entire degree, begin or renew with Mercyhurst at the BTW Center. 


Cost and Career Information

In compliance with the “gainful employment” regulations under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, as amended, Mercyhurst is disclosing certain cost and career information to prospective students. You can view this information by clicking here.