Scheduling Group Tours

At Mercyhurst North East, we welcome schools and agencies who would like to expose their students to college campuses. The experience of visiting a campus like ours offers students a glimpse of "what could be" in terms of their academic future. In order to make it the best possible experience for our visitors, we've created the following guidelines:

  • Coordinators should contact the Office of Admissions- 814-725-6144- at least 30 days prior to tour date.
  • There must be at least one adult chaperone per every 10 students.
  • Tour groups visiting campus between February 1st and September 15th must be comprised of high school juniors and seniors only. Groups with younger students may visit campus between September 16th and January 31st.
  • The price of lunch on campus for visiting students is $5.00 per student. Admissions will pay the additional $2.25 per student.
  • Arrival times must be as accurate as possible, as classrooms must be scheduled for meeting with visiting groups, and we are working around existing scheduled class times.

Students should be dropped off upon arrival at the Ridge Health & Safety Building (the building on the immediate right upon entering off of Rt. 89). The instructor in charge of the group should call Admissions shortly before arrival, so a counselor can meet them. Parking is available in the lot just west of the Ridge Building or in the lots just west of the Athletic Center.

Students benefit most from a tour when they are prepared. Instructors should have students prepare questions prior to arrival.

A MNE tour takes approximately 90 minutes. Instructors should plan accordingly.

Communication is the key to a positive tour experience. Because of this, we ask that instructors email the MNE admissions counselor with whom they are working the following information:

  • Instructor contact information: phone number, email
  • Name of school or organization
  • Number and grade level of students attending.
  • Special needs of any student attending
  • Agreed time of arrival and departure
  • Request for meeting with individuals outside of Admissions – academic support, faculty, etc.
  • If students will be eating lunch on campus, method of payment. Group may receive invoice in advance or after attending, or may pay with check, credit card or cash at the time of lunch.
  • Please feel free to contact the admissions office (814-725-6144) if you should have any additional questions.
  • The campus visit is one of the most important parts of the college decision process. Our goal is for your Mercyhurst North East visit to exceed expectations. We look forward to working with you to make the experience one that will both help your students get a sense of what college is all about and excite them about the possibility of attending MNE!