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Title IV Compliance

This information is provided to prospective students in compliance with Title IV of the Higher Education Act, as amended. It is intended to help prospective students to estimate the cost of completing various certificate programs and to explore careers that may be available to those who successfully complete each certificate program.

Certificate Program

Est. Total

Tuition & Fee Costs*

Est. Total Book

and Supply Cost

Standard Occupational

Classification (SOC) Codes**

Culinary Arts










Practical Nursing








*The estimated total tuition and fee costs assume full time attendance in consecutive terms. This is the “sticker price” before any financial aid that you may be eligible to receive. You may also be able to apply your financial aid toward your book and supply costs. You should talk to your admissions counselor about possible financial aid, including grants, loans and scholarships. This financial aid will reduce your “out of pocket” costs. You can also visit our financial aid website by clicking here.

You should also know that Mercyhurst North East may accept up to 15 college credits that you previously completed in high school at another college or university. You should talk to your admissions counselor if you have already completed courses at another college or university, if you have completed college courses while you were in high school, or if you have earned high school advanced placement (AP) credits.

** The U.S. Department of Labor has created a website, called “O*NET ONLINE”, that will provide you with detailed information about careers related to each certificate program, including duties and responsibilities, employment outlook and average wages.The SOC codes provided in the table above may be used to search for specific occupations. You can access the O*NET ONLINE career website at