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Student Jobs

Besides gaining great work experience to put on your resume, some students rely on student employment to help subsidize a portion of their educational costs.

When you file the FAFSA , the Office of Student Financial Services automatically considers you for student employment. You are notified via the Award Letter of your eligibility. If you have received a Federal Work Study Award (FWS) or Institutional Employment Award (IE), you may sign up for an on-campus job or off-campus community service job that interests you. Contact the Student Employment Office for a Student Employment Booklet to complete the job preferences form. Every effort will be made to match you to the jobs you are interested in, but there is no guarantee.

You will be notified of your job assignment & supervisor via email starting in mid-August. Once you arrive on campus, please contact your supervisor to schedule an appointment to complete your paperwork. You will need to bring the documents below with you. Be sure to bring the appropriate identification with you to your meeting, such as your driver's license and birth certificate. You will submit time sheets for your hours worked every two weeks, and your wages will be directly deposited into your bank account.

Complete the I-9 Form

Complete the W-4 Form

Direct Deposit Form