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Cost Summary

Tuition and Fees

Mercyhurst North East Cost Summary

In an effort to make paying for college as understandable as possible, Mercyhurst North East has devised a billing system that makes your college costs predictable. As a result, planning how you're going to pay your bill is made easier as well.

 A student's bill could contain up to five categories of charges: tuition, standard fees, program fees, room and board (if living on campus). Those categories break down as follows on a per year basis:

 Tuition (per year)

  • Full-time (12+ credits):         $17,400*
  • Part-time (9 to 11 credits):    $10,440
  • Half-time (6 to 8 credits):      $6,960
  • Less than HT (1 to 5 credits): $3,480

*You must have permission from the academic dean to take more than 15 credits in a semester, unless required by your individual program.

Fees (per year)

  • Full-time (12+ credits):            $1,720*
  • Part-time (9 to 11 credits):       $1,440
  • Half-time (6 to 8 credits):         $1,040
  • Less than HT (1 to 5 credits):  $480
  • Summer:  $225

*Fees include all standard fees, as well as ID, orientation and graduation fees.

Program Fees (per year)

Program fees are specific to an individual's academic program. The program fee helps take into account extra anticipated required costs that have traditionally caused a North East student's bill to be "lumpy". On the flat billing system, the costs for an entire year are spread evenly across each program's terms of enrollment. The fee is charged each semester regardless of which courses are being taken. The programs with fees are:

  • Culinary Arts: $2,600
  • Physical Therapist Assistant: $2,960
  • Registered Nursing (Full-time): $3,220
  • Registered Nursing (Part-time): $830
  • Sports Management: $110
  • Science (including Biology, Medical Lab Technician, Occupational Therapy Assistant, & Respiratory Therapist): $1,460
  • OASIS: $8,720

Room Rates (per year)

The following rates are per semester. Both Neumann and Redemptorist Halls require the Full Board meal plan.

  • Neumann Hall:       $5,200
  • Redemptorist Hall:  $5,600
  • Townhouse:           $7,470     
  • Single Room Charge:  $1,480 Additional Per Year (Neumann Only)
  • Single Room Charge: $1,080 Additional Per Year (Redemptorist Only)


Meal Plans

Meal plans vary to help fit the needs of townhouse and commuter students. As mentioned above, the Full Board plan is required for students living in Neumann or Redemptorist Halls.

  • Full Board: $5,320
  • 225 Meals: $4,380
  • 185 Meals: $3,620
  • 150 Meals: $3,040
  • 105 Meals: $2,160

Calculating Costs

Step 1- Determine your enrollment status to calculate your tuition and fees. For example, if you're taking 12 credits you're full-time, and your tuition would be $8,400 and fees would be $825.


Step 2- Determine if your program has a specific fee. For example, if you look at the Program Fee section above, Physical Therapy Assistant's fee is $1420.


Step 3- Determine room and board charges. If you are living on campus, don't forget those costs. Most new students live in Neumann or Redemptorist Halls. Your room charge would be $2,670 and board plan would cost $2,560. If you're commuting, there is most likely no charge from Mercyhurst (unless you opt to sign up for a meal plan).


Step 4- Add them up! In this situation $8,400 (tuition) + $825 (standard fees) + $1420 (program fee) + $2,670 (room) + $2,560(board) = $15,875. The best part is, assuming you stay full-time in the same major, you can count on this amount for the spring term as well!


Financial Aid

At Mercyhurst North East financial aid is distributed evenly over the fall and spring semesters. Thus, if you know how much aid you're getting, you can divide it by 2, then subtract that amount from the cost you determined above. This means that, once again assuming no change in enrollment status or academic program, what you owe or receive as a refund in the fall, is what you'll owe or receive as a refund in the winter and spring as well!



If you have any questions regarding flat billing you can contact Student Financial Services, (814) 725-6265 or Admissions, (814) 725-6144. Most coaches will also be able to explain it in detail.