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Financial Aid

It's been said that the hardest part of going to college is figuring out how to pay for it. At Mercyhurst North East, we do our best to help you get through the financial aid process with as little stress and anxiety as possible.

For new students, both the Office of Admissions and the Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) are available to answer your questions and discuss your financial aid options. A counselor can help you fill out the FAFSA® and other forms required for various types of aid. He or she will also help you understand your financial aid package and how much your education will cost.

We can help you learn more about the costs of Mercyhurst North East, the different types of financial aid available to help make your education more affordable, and who to contact for more information.


Process and Policies

Making your college education affordable is one of our number one priorities at Mercyhurst. If you follow the appropriate steps, our staff should be able to give you accurate estimates for your cost of attendance, financial aid, and bottom line for your first year.

The following is an outline of the financial aid process at Mercyhurst. If you have any questions, please contact admissions at (814) 725-6144.

  1. Student applies to Mercyhurst and is accepted
    • Generally, an award will not be estimated until the student is accepted
  2. Student files the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) after January 1 (usually upon completion of your taxes)
    • Fill out the FAFSA® at
    • PA resident? File by May 1st to help ensure you are eligible to receive a state grant
    • Sign the FAFSA® with your FSA-ID
    • Parent’s FSA-ID also required for dependent students
    • Use the Mercyhurst University school code: 003297
  3. Mercyhurst receives your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)
    • Your EFC helps determine your PELL grant, PHEAA state grant, subsidized loan amount, and other need-based forms of aid
    • If anything changes in your family’s financial situation, please notify admissions immediately for information on the appeal process
  4. A preliminary financial aid award is created
    • You should receive both a letter and most likely a call from your admissions counselor in reference to this award
    • This award is based on the academic program and resident status (living on- or off-campus) in our system; if either changes, your package may change.
  5. Student determines a bottom line (cost minus financial aid) and plans accordingly
    • Once you know your bottom line, you will know how much money “out-of-pocket” you will need for the year. You can address this “out-of-pocket” cost with savings, alternative loans, parent loans and/or outside scholarships
  6. By mid-summer, if your confirmation deposit has been received, your award will be finalized
    • If selected for “Verification”, that process must be completed before your award will be finalized. Roughly one out of every three students is selected.

Throughout the course of the financial aid process do not hesitate to contact admissions. We can assist you with filling out the FAFSA® form, filling out master promissory notes, and advise you on helpful financial aid and alternative loan websites, including and - there's great information available at each!


  Fall Semester          Spring Semester          Year Total         
Tuition & Fees $9,225 $9,225 $18,450
Financial Aid:      
Pell Grant $2,960 $2,960 $5,970
PHEAA Grant $1,975 $1,975 $3,950
Mercyhurst Grant $1,750 $1,750 $3,500
Subsidized Loan $1,732 $1,731 $3,464
Unsubsidized Loan      $989 $989 $1,978
Total Aid: $9,406 $9,406 $18,188
Credit Balance: $181 $181 $362

*Tuition and fees are for standard programs; additional program premium applies for allied health and hospitality programs.
*PHEAA grant is for Pennsylvania State  resident.


Contact Us

We know the financial aid process can be complex and confusing. MNE has a number of individuals that are ready to assist you in getting through it. Keep in mind that the week before and after term start dates and end dates are extremely busy in student financial services, so timely completion of your financial aid issues is encouraged. Don't wait until the last minute!

MNE's Office of Student Financial Services (SFS)

Linda Watkins
Student Financial Services Representative
Location: Miller 105
Phone: (814) 725-6265
Fax: (814) 725-6375


Kelly Liocano
Assistant Director of Student Financial Services
Location: Neumann 111
Phone: (814) 725-6269
Fax: (814) 725-6375

Allison Hart
Student Financial Services Counselor
Location: Neumann 112
Phone: (814) 725-6363
Fax: (814) 725-6375


MNE's Office of Admissions

Adam Grady
Director of Admissions
Location: Neumann
Phone: (814) 725-6204
Fax: (814) 725-6251

Kathy Hill
Assistant Director of Admissions
Location: Neumann
Phone: (814) 725-6197
Fax: (814) 725-6251

Angela Brown
Admissions Counselor
Location: Neumann
Phone: (814) 725-6218
Fax: (814) 725-6251 

Abigail Franc
Admissions Counselor
Location: Neumann
Phone: (814) 725-6300
Fax: (814) 725-6251

Shaqueline Bowery
Admissions Counselor
Location: Neumann
Phone: (814) 725-6217
Fax: (814) 725-6251

Jonathan Frye
Admissions Counselor
Location: Neumann
Phone: (814) 725-6252
Fax: (814) 725-6251