Accounting Concentration

Study accounting, the language of business.

At Mercyhurst North East, our mission is to help students on their path to success and to their desired career. Whether your goal is to become a CPA for a large firm or simply help people complete their taxes each spring, an Accounting concentration may be the perfect choice for you. The Accounting concentration offers a sequence of courses that prepares students for careers in the challenging field of accounting, while still educating on the basics of economics, management and marketing. The business division also recognizes the importance of basic communication and mathematics, and coursework in the program focuses on the development of these skills.


Grads have pursued careers in accounting data entry, payroll processing, office management accounts and as receivable/payable clerks and purchasing agents.


This concentration within the associate degree program offers a smooth 2+2 track for those wishing to continue their education and earn a bachelor’s degree at Mercyhurst’s main campus.


ACCT 140 Computer Applications in Accounting
Through use of the computer, students learn an accounting program that journals, posts and prepares financial statements with emphasis placed on the analysis and interpretation of the financial statement.

ACCT 230 Tax Accounting
This course covers a study of the Internal Revenue Code with primary emphasis on the provisions affecting individual taxpayers, with major topics including identification of items of gross income, business deductions, and qualifications for dependents, itemized deductions, financial status, and computation of taxable income.



We’ll help you locate an internship related to your desired field to supplement your education with real-world experience in a professional setting.


Grads wishing to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Mercyhurst University’s main campus can apply for our Internal Transfer Scholarship, which grants up to $18,000 based on GPA.


The Accounting concentration allows graduates to immediately seek career opportunities or follow up their associate degree with a bachelor’s degree.