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Health Care Management – Bachelor's Degree

Medical Lab Technician

In as little as two years, the health care management bachelor’s degree at Mercyhurst North East builds upon your previous education and allied health experience with the business and leadership training you need to move up in the discipline you already love. Better yet? It’s a convenient 2+2 path if you went to Mercyhurst North East for MLT, OTA, PTA or RT. As a completion program, most – if not all – of your credits from an allied health associate degree will transfer.

With this bachelor’s degree, you can get the skills you need to achieve a wider variety of roles in your field, including a supervisory or management position in your area of expertise, a practitioner-educator in the classroom or on the floor as a peer trainer.

To meet the needs of working adults like you, the bachelor’s degree in health care management combines online and face-to-face delivery of courses. You’ll graduate with highly appreciated, in-demand skills that health care employers are looking for, including leadership; business ethics; supervision and employee management; critical thinking; employee training and education; financial operations; business writing; and human resources.

Whether you want to work “on the floor” as a peer trainer or in health education, there is a need for well qualified practitioner-educators to instruct the next generation entering the allied health workforce. Allied health disciplines comprise 10 of the 20 fastest growing occupations, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Demand for health care managers is projected to increase nationally by 16 percent through 2018. In Pennsylvania, it is estimated that openings for medical and health services managers will increase by 13,190 positions by 2014. There’s no doubt about it: Allied health jobs are in demand!


How to Apply

Mercyhurst will need to see a few things from all incoming students:

• An official high school transcript and official transcript from an allied health program

• At least a 2.5 G.P.A. as a graduate of the allied health program

• High school equivalency in algebra, biology and chemistry

• Proof of certification or licensure in your field (or demonstrated proof that you are eligible to seek certification or licensure in your field)

• SAT, ACT or MNE Placement Test Results*

* Transfer students must provide official, final transcripts from all the colleges they have attended. Please check our credit transfer polices online to see which credits transfer to Mercyhurst. Mercyhurst North East cannot accept any student who is not in good financial standing with previously attended colleges and universities, nor can we enroll an applicant who is unable to provide an official transcript.

For additional information, please contact admissions at 814-725-6144 or the program director, Kari Dundore Shrout, 814-725-6258  and


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