Computer Systems Support

Learn the technology of your future.

The ultimate goal of the Computer Systems Support degree program at Mercyhurst North East is to make students employable by the many types of companies trying to effectively integrate technology into their business strategy. Graduates of this program can provide computer systems support for virtually any type of business or institution that incorporates computers in the workplace, providing expertise in technological troubleshooting, upgrading and installing software and hardware, general applications of computer technology, and diagnosing basic computer problems. Students will also be able to develop web pages for marketing and e-commerce. Courses in Java, JavaScript, HTML and Flash will give students the tools they’ll need to succeed on this growing field.


Computers are now an integral part of everyday life, used at home, in the workplace and at schools, and have created a high demand for trained professionals to support and maintain computer systems in a variety of settings.


Our grads have attained positions in many different settings, including professional offices, small businesses, schools/educational institutions, and large corporations.


This program also works as a 2+2 program, which means you can earn your associate degree in two years and then earn your bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in just two more years at Mercyhurst University or another accredited college.


MATH 146 Programming I
An introduction to computer programming, this course emphasizes the development of good programming habits and skills, and covers topics like development of graphical user interfaces and the understanding of fundamental programming concepts.

MIS 140 Computer Operations I
Learn the hardware of your computer by installing and configuring computer hardware components including drives, motherboards, memory, network communications interfaces, printers and other peripherals.



We’ll help you locate an internship related to your desired field to supplement your education with real-world experience in a professional setting.


Grads wishing to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Mercyhurst University’s main campus can apply for our Internal Transfer Scholarship, which awards up to $18,000 based on GPA.


The computer/technology industry is projected to remain one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. economy. The median annual earnings of valuable computer support specialists range up to $43,450.

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